My Covid Record Goes Live

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Uncategorized

As we move into more unprecedent times some good news has come in the form of the My Covid Record website going live, allowing people to view their vaccination records.

In late November the site will also provide users with Covid-19 test results along with their vaccination certificates which will be available digitally and as a printable file. The certificates can be used nationally and internationally with the Government coordinating with business, hospitality, and events sectors regarding the implementation of a system.

Along with providing the public with their vaccination records and proof of vaccinations the site is a good step forward in ensuring less restrictive measures can be used to manage the virus in the country.

To access their records users will need to register with a new My Health Account or use their existing Real Me Account. Records will include the batch number of the vaccine used and the location it was administered.

The Ministry of Health are also working on releasing a My Covid Record app slated to launch early next year.

You can read more on this subject on the HiNZ website.