What’s Changing with HPV Primary Screening in General Practice?

by | Sep 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

Changes in Cervical Screening:

The HPV test will be the primary cervical screening test from 12 September 2023.


• HPV testing is highly sensitive and accurate. It will identify the 10% of those screened who have high[1]risk HPV and are at increased risk of developing precancerous cervical cell changes.

• The HPV self-test is much more acceptable and will help achieve equity outcomes.

• Research has shown a significant increase in screening uptake compared to the cervical smear test, particularly in Māori and Pacific peoples.

• Early detection of HPV enables monitoring or treatment leading to improved outcomes

Te Whatu Ora has announced funding to provide free cervical screening services for key groups from 12 September 2023, as part of its move to the new HPV test. Free screening will be available from 12 September for:

•Women and people with a cervix 30 years and over who are unscreened (have never had a screening test) or under-screened (haven’t had a cytology test in the past 5 years)

• anyone requiring follow up

• Māori and Pacific

• anyone who is a community service card holder.